Engelska Ellen White-hänvisningar


Hänvisningarna är hämtade från "Study Bible and E.G.White Comments, King James Version" og "Egwwrirings". Det gäller bara engelska utgåvor.

1888   -   Ellen G. White 1888 Materials, The
AA   -   Acts of the Apostles, The
AG   -   God's Amazing Grace
AH   -   Adventist Home, The
ApM   -   An Appeal to Mothers
AUCR   -   [Australasian] Union Conference Record
AY   -   Appeal to Youth
1BC   -   Bible Commentary, The SDA , Vol. 1 (2BC for Vol. 2, etc.)
BE   -   Bible Echo
1Bio   -   Biography of E. G. White, Vol. 1 (2Bio for Vol. 2, etc.)
BLJ   -   To Be Like Jesus
BTS   -   Bible Training School
CC   -   Conflict and Courage
CCh   -   Counsels for the Church
CD   -   Counsels on Diet and Foods
CE   -   Christian Education
CET   -   Christian Experience and Teaching
CEv   -   Colporteur Evangelist
CG   -   Child Guidance
CH   -   Counsels on Health
ChL   -   Christian Leadership
ChS   -   Christian Service
CL   -   Country Living
CM   -   Colporteur Ministry
COL   -   Christ's Object Lessons
Con   -   Confrontation
COS   -   Christ Our Saviour
CS   -   Counsels on Stewardship
CSW   -   Counsels on Sabbath School Work
CT   -   Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students
CTBH   -   Christian Temperance (EGW) and Bible Hygiene (James White)
CTr   -   Christ Triumphant
CW   -   Counsels to Writers and Editors
DA   -   Desire of Ages, The
DF   -   Document File
DG   -   Daughters of God
Ed   -   Education
Ev   -   Evangelism
EW   -   Early Writings
FE   -   Fundamentals of Christian Education
FLB   -   Faith I Live By, The
FH   -   From the Heart
FW   -   Faith and Works
GC   -   Great Controversy, The
GC88   -   Great Controversy, The (1888 Edition)
GCB   -   General Conference Bulletin
GCDB   -   General Conference Daily Bulletin
GdH   -   Good Health
GH   -   Gospel Herald
GW   -   Gospel Workers
GW92   -   Gospel Workers (1892 edition)
HL   -   Healthful Living
HP   -   In Heavenly Places
HPMMW   -   Health, Philanthropic, and Medical Missionary Work
HR   -   Health Reformer
HS   -   Historical Sketches of the Foreign Missions of the Seventh-day Adventists
Hvn   -   Heaven
LDE   -   Last Day Events
LHU   -   Lift Him Up
LL   -   Lion on the Loose
LP   -   Sketches From the Life of Paul
LS   -   Life Sketches of Ellen G. White
LS88   -   Life Sketches of James and Ellen White (1888 edition)
Lt   -   Letter, E. G. White
LYL   -   Letters to Young Lovers
Mar   -   Maranatha, the Lord is Coming
MB   -   Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing
1MCP   -   Mind, Character and Personality, Vol. 1 (2MCP for Vol. 2)
MH   -   Ministry of Healing, The
ML   -   My Life Today
MM   -   Medical Ministry
1MR   -   Manuscript Releases, Vol. 1 (2MR for Vol. 2, etc.)
Ms   -   Manuscript, E. G. White
MYP   -   Messages to Young People
NL   -   New Life, A
1NL   -   Notebook Leaflets, Vol. 1 (2NL for Vol. 2)
PaM   -   Pastoral Ministry
OFC   -   Our Father Cares
OHC   -   Our High Calling
PHJ   -   Pacific Health Journal
PM   -   Publishing Ministry, The
PP   -   Patriarchs and Prophets
PK   -   Prophets and Kings
Pr   -   Prayer
PUR   -   Pacific Union Recorder
RC   -   Reflecting Christ
RH   -   Review and Herald
RR   -   Radiant Religion
RY   -   Retirement Years, The
SA   -   Solemn Appeal, A
1SAT   -   Sermons and Talks, Vol. 1 (2SAT for Vol. 2)
SC   -   Steps to Christ
SD   -   Sons and Daughters of God
SF Echo   -   Southern Field Echo
1SG   -   Spiritual Gifts, Vols. 1 (3SG for Vols. 3, etc.)
SJ   -   Steps to Jesus (adapted from SC) or Story of Jesus (on CD-ROM)
SL   -   Sanctified Life, The
1SM   -   Selected Messages, Book One (2SM for Book 2, etc.)
SOJ   -   Story of Jesus, The
1SP   -   Spirit of Prophecy, The, Vol. 1 (2SP for Vol. 2, etc.)
SpT"A"   -  Special Testimonies, Series A (Nos. 1-12)
SpT"B"   -   Special Testimonies, Series B (Nos. 1-19)
SpTBCC   -   Special Testimonies to the Battle Creek Church
SpTEd   -   Special Testimonies on Education
SpTMMW   -   Special Testimonies Relating to Medical Missionary Work
SpTMWI   -   Special Testimonies to Managers and Workers in Institutions
SpTPH   -   Special Testimonies to Physicians and Helpers
SR   -   Story of Redemption, The
ST   -   Signs of the Times
SW   -   Southern Work, The
SW   -   Southern Watchman (if with date)
1T   -  Testimonies for the Church Vol. 1 (2T for Vol. 2, etc.)
TA   -   Truth About Angels, The
TDG   -   This Day With God
Te   -   Temperance
TM   -   Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers
TMK   -   That I May Know Him
TSA   -   Testimonies to Southern Africa
TSB   -   Testimonies on Sexual Behaviour, Adultery, and Divorce
TSDF   -   Testimony Studies on Diet and Foods
TSS   -   Selections From the Testimonies Bearing on Sabbath School Work (1900)
1TT   -   Testimony Treasures, Vol. 1 (2TT for Vol. 2, etc.)
UL   -   Upward Look, The
Und Ms   -   Undated EGW Manuscript
VSS   -   Voice in Speech and Song, The
WM   -   Welfare Ministry
YI   -   Youth's Instructor, The
YRP   -   Ye Shall Receive Power, A
WLF   -   Word to the "Little Flock," A

ARV American Revised Version
marg - marginal reading.
RV Revised Version
RV Amer Supp - Revised Version, American Supplement
var - variant